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When: May 31 - June 2

Callin' out around the world
Are you ready for a brand new beat?
Summer's here and the time is right
For fourth wallin' in the streets
They're breakin' it in Cianwood
Down in Mahogany
In New Bark "City"

All we need is music, sweet music
There'll be music everywhere
There'll be swingin', swayin', B-G-M playin'
And fourth wallin' in the streets

Oh, it doesn't matter who you bring
Just as long as it's your thing
So come on, every guy grab a girl,
Everywhere around the world
They'll be roleplayin'
Fourth wallin' in the street

This is an invitation
Across the nation
A chance for the folks to meet
There'll be laughin' and singin' and music swingin'
And fourth wallin' in the streets...

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[All the commotion catches her attention and she looks over with a frown at all the noise. Some kid was making a spectacle of himself, it sounds like. She had better take care of it before he attracts some unwanted attention and is in some real danger.

As soon as she rounds a corner and sees what's going on, she freezes with a stunned expression.]

Naru--? [Meanwhile, the Growlithe at her side notices the change and starts barking loudly and growling because of its trainers shock. The sound forces her back into reality and she scowls down at it in disapproval, making her pokemon stop.]

Hey, don't bark at people like that, Menma! You'll scare someone and it's just a boy.

[But not just any boy...]
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[The voice and the barking has Naruto whipping his head to the direction of the sounds with a surprised expression.]

... Eh?
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[Then he smiles sheepishly, scratching his cheek with his point finger.]

Heh, I don't get scared by some little dog that easily, lady. It's okay, don't worry! [If that's the reason she's so shocked, she doesn't have anything to worry, really!]
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['Menma', as Kushina had called him, doesn't take to being called little and he growls again. With a bump from Kushina's leg, he stops though and plops down just as Kushina bends to Naruto's level.]

I didn't think you would.

Is that your friend? [She points to the vulpix nearby.]
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[Naruto follows Kushina's gesture with his gaze and then grins at her.]

Oh, this little guy? Yeah, guess so! He won't leave me alone since I got here, so I guess he's sorta my friend. [Vulpix seconds this with a cheerful purr which only makes Naruto's grin widen.] How about that dog you have there? [Now it's his turn to point.] Friend of yours too?
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His name's Menma. Say hi, Menma.

[The growlithe seems about done with any growling and barks cheerfully from its spot, tail wagging. Kushina approves so there's a pleased smile on her face.]

Well, do you mind if I follow you around too? It's pretty lonely with just Menma and I.
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Hey there, Menma!

[He gives a cheerful wave at the equally cheerful Growlithe before he grins back at Kushina.]

Uh, yeah, sure! What's your name, though, lady? Mine's Uzumaki Naruto!
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[Her breath gets caught in her throat somewhere but she forces it out with a small exhale.]

It's Kushina.

[They have matching grins, NOT THAT HE'D NOTICE. Straightening out of her crouch she offers a hand for little Naruto to hold, if he wants, unable to stop herself because it's OBVIOUS HE DOESN'T KNOW HER BUT IT'S NARUTO HER BABY...]

Let's go, Naruto.
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Nice to meet'cha, Kushina-san!

[Contrary to popular belief, he can be rather polite especially when the person he directs his politeness to is someone as nice as Kushina. He doesn't get the hand, so he doesn't take hold of it, sorry lady. :( He grew up not used to adults showing him affection except when Iruka proved him wrong that fateful day, so Naruto just contented himself with locking his hands behind his spiky, blonde head.]

Yeah, let's go! [Then, a pause and a sheepish smile.] -Er, if you know where we're going, though! Heh, haven't been in this place, y'know.
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It's really nice to meet you, too.

[She realizes she's a stranger to him right now and there's an inward pride at his manners while a pang of rejection follows.]

Me either but we won't learn anything if we just stand around doing nothing. Exploring never hurt anyone.

[She's still holding her hand out but has pulled it back a little, fingers curling in much like her smile, losing it's brightness when he doesn't take it.]

You don't like to hold hands?
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Mm, I guess! [He chuckles sheepishly.] Hope we don't get lost along the way. I don't have a map or anythin'. [It'd be embarrassing accompanying a woman and then end up getting lost with them sobs.]
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2/3 I LIED

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[This grin fades from his face, however, at her question as he frowns a little. When he speaks, he's not looking at her.]

Um, well, I'm just not used to it, y'know? Adults aren't exactly nice to me. They always say I'm bad news for 'em. [A beat.] Except Iruka-sensei and Old man Sandaime and Kaka-sensei. [And the other sensei like Kurenai, Asuma and Gai.] You're actually the first one who I dunno who's nice to me.
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[Then, slowly, ever so slowly, a smile spreads across his face. A smile that had seen countless of adversities.]

But you know what? I don't let 'em get to me 'cause I'm gonna prove 'em wrong and be the Hokage someday! [He glances at Kushina to show her this expression.] You better believe it!
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[Kushina has to reign in a lot of emotions but eventually she grinds out a;]

Some people are so stupid. [Roughly. She knows how horrible some of them can be. For adults to be rude to just a young boy makes her angrier than she's ever been.

It's a good thing Naruto reminds her how strong he is, how he can handle anything just like she could even at this age.,But she knew deep down it still hurt, no matter how much he pushed back.

So she doesn't ask this time as she reaches for his hand and holds it firmly in hers.]

You definitely prove them wrong and show them you're going to be the best Hokage ever, alright? If I'm going to believe you, don't go back on your word. Don't give up.

[She's probably being too intense for a stranger but she would probably act this way towards anyone that's been wronged.]

And if anyone else is mean to you, I'll kick their ass to the moon and back, got it?
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[The way she just outright grabbed his hand to hold it in hers surprises him that Naruto blinks up at her, then blinks at their locked hands. It's surreal yet comforting at the same time in a way that he couldn't put his finger on. It's a sensation he hasn't felt ever since he could remember, though somehow he knows, in some odd way, that it's something he has felt once upon a time.]
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[So Naruto just grins and blushes a little because this sort of kindness is really something he's not used to. Shunned by adults ever since, this woman right here, a stranger at that, shows something he has been missing all these years that his heart fills with warmth.]

Eheh, that's very nice of you to say. Thanks! You know, I wish many of the adults in Konoha's like you. But really, I can handle 'em no problem!

[He has been effectively masking his loneliness with his smiles and ramen, so he does the same with Kushina now. It's almost second nature to him.]
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[It's obvious from her stare that Kushina watches these emotions on his face; from the surprise, to the vague sense of knowing, to that genuine blush (Kushina can't help but smile a little at), to the forced grin when he talks about the adults of Konoha.

In a way, she wished more people were like her too. She's sure peace would be found then and kids wouldn't have to suffer the pain like she did, like Naruto does.

Her eyes narrow and she squeezes the hand she's holding with both of hers.]

Friends -- [She wants to say mothers, guardians, protectors]-- stick up for each other so you don't have to handle them on your own. Nobody's mean to my friends and gets away with it.

[Nobody hurts Naruto.]

If I follow you around like this one [Her eyes trail to the Naruto's vulpix.] we're 'sorta friends' at least, aren't we?
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[Friends. Bonds.

Her words made him stop as did her gesture of squeezing his hand in a moment of disbelief. He has friends! Iruka's one of them, right? And Shikamaru and Chouji seemed to always play with him when they were still kids. He also has Sasuke now and even if they're having some rough times, Naruto knows he's a friend.

But the way this woman says it possesses the affection he can't fathom and Naruto doesn't understand it because how can he understand something he hasn't known all the days of his life?

He doesn't dwell too much on it, though. He just knows it feels nice to be wanted, to be a friend to someone new, so he won't think too much on it. Instead, he'll give her a grin and a sincere nod.]

Mm, yeah, we are! Haven't had a lady who wants to be friends with me, though, so it's new. Even so, it feels great! It's not everyday I'm wanted.

[He only chuckles at that, masking the sadness he always feels when he sees mothers with their children while he walks Konoha's streets without anyone to hold.]

Anyway, if someone tries to be mean to you, I'll kick their sorry asses too, got it?
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[She's wanted to just hold his hand like this since she knew she was having a child -- but she's not going to admit something like that. It would scare him. Everyone should want to be friends with Naruto so she's okay with that for now.

A laugh rings out, loud and boisterous. This is definitely her son.]

Alright, deal! Just save some for me, ya know?

[She tugs him along beside her as they walk, squeezing his hand softly to be sure he isn't leaving and that she won't let go.

And for that moment, they look like mother and son.

It sort of feels like it too.]
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because i'm having late notifs sob last tag before i really go to bed!!

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[It's definitely strange how this woman's laugh mirrors his own and how her verbal quirks do the same. It's so weird and for young Naruto, he doesn't get it and probably never will unless the truth hits him hard on the face.

For now, he only nods and strangely enjoys the sensation of her hand in his. Skin against skin, faith annihilating doubt, hope expunging despair. It's a feeling Naruto won't mind getting used to.]

Sure thing! But I'll probably be able to take out all the stronger ones.

[Another chuckle and this time, he doesn't have to mask anything. Just genuine happiness reverberating and wafting through the foreign air of this new land.]
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[Kushina grins down at him, eyes flickering mischievously.]

Is that so? I guess if anyone ever decides to be a jerk to one of us, we'll just have to see whoever gets to the stronger ones first.

Maybe they won't even fight back. What will we do then?
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i slept for six hours so i think that's good!

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[Naruto keeps his smirk on.]

Well, it won't be fun if they won't fight back!


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That's true. [Thoughtful eyes turn to the sky.]

Doesn't make them worth our time then if they're cowards like that.