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When: Friday, May 27th through Sunday, May 29th!
Rating: May vary by thread, please mark accordingly!
Than I've ever been lifted before... )




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Who: little!Sion, little!Ryner, and their collective Pokemon
Where: their house in Ecruteak
When: May 12, during Time Crisis
Summary: what happens when two little boys wake up in a mysterious house together with a few dozen mysterious (and confused) critters
Rating: let's go with PG because they are tinies but, well, this is still LOLH
This is a mild spoiler warning on little!Ryner's end, by the way. )
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Who: Yang Xiao Long + Anyone!
Where: on the road; Violet > Azalea > Goldenrod (more below the cut)
When: 4/18 -> 5/24
Summary: general catchall for Yang while collecting badges with Team RWPY & co
Rating: nothing to warn for yet
yes this is basically an itinerary I'm sorry )

(edit 5/8: changed some timing around due to Glitch City!)
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Who: Lust and Open
Where: Shark House and the streets of Goldenrod
When: April 19th
Summary: Lust attempts to start doing the things she usually pays other people to do for her. It doesn't go well.
Rating: PG

It Really Doesn't Go Well )
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Who: Mai [personal profile] dancermai , Yachi [personal profile] donoteat , Tanaka [personal profile] monkcut  (and anybody else who would like to join in)
Where: Route 29
When: April 19 - 23 ish.
Summary: It's time to start the journey through to the next town. Mai heads out after texting Yachi upon reading that she was nearby. Unbeknownst to her, there was also a Tanaka to join the fray. (And anybody else that may like to come and join in the beginners pokemon journey).
Rating: PG - possibly for battling pokemon

A - Making camp on day 1 )

B - Avoiding hail on day 2 )

What would you like to play? )
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Who: North, York, Carolina, and their guests
Where: Goldenrod City, the Freelancer House
When: All throughout April, for all your freelancer-consult needs
Summary: Need to see the Freelancers in person at all during the month of April? Here's a log for it! and who knows maybe they'll have a cookout or something.
Rating: PG-13 at least bc these are adults who use adult language

there are still stars up above us )
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Who: John Egbert and his hapless victims YOU!
Where: Goldenrod City
When: April 1st
Summary: The world of Pokemon has also opened up an entirely new world of pranking for John Egbert. Beware.
Rating: possible PG-13 for swearing/Homestuck dialogue

fool me twice, shame on me )
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Who: Varric Tethras and YOU!!
Where: Violet City and its outskirts
When: Anytime from March 8 to the end of the month (probably, he has no plans; it's a small city and there's a tavern bar he's happy)
Summary: Basically a catch-all log for most of March. Feel free to reply to either of the preset starters, arrange for a custom one, or toss me your own!
Rating: The only thing it might hit PG-13 for is language, tbh
But I've a feeling that it's more fun than knowing exactly where you are )
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Who: Dave Strider [personal profile] callbacks and all y'all's lovely faces!
Where: Goldenrod City
When: Throughout the month of March
Summary: Come bug Dave at his part-time gig at the nice combination café/bookstore. OR, if we have plans (or you'd like to make plans; hit me up at [ profile] asherdashery, it's public) I can write up a starter just for you!
Rating: Probably nothing over PG-13.
He already knows that my love is fire )
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Who: Hamsteaks,Team RWPY, & Dipper
Where: GOLDENROD INN, specifically Dave and Karkat's room but possibly others as well? It depends.
When: 3/5, afternoonish/evening/well into the wee hours of 3/6
Summary: A certain travel party largely consisting of traumatized teenagers initiates a team building exercise, AKA sleepover. This is clearly the best idea ever and will in no way backfire at all.
Rating: PG-13 for, uh. Homestuck vocabularies.
you just caught me by surprise )
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Who: Mettaton ([personal profile] ratingspoint); Undyne ([personal profile] challengeaccepted)
Where: Violet City
When: February 25
Summary: So we've got a pair of people whose souls are literally made of love and compassion that mutually and absolutely want to hit each other with a chair. One of them has obtained a chair. This setup will be followed to its natural conclusion. It'll probably be dumb.
Rating: ...guess what, it's been years and I'm still bad at ratings. PG? PG13?
And nothing you do can ever make me go away- )
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Who: Yang, Ruby, Dave, Jade, and whoever else joins in!
Where: Goldenrod City (The Fighting Studio, then Burger Slowking)
When: Friday 2/19 , afternoon
Summary: Yang has something to prove to her dear sister; the group try not to get banned while cashing in L.U.C.Y. vouchers
Rating: PG? some violence, but mostly just dumb teenage shenanigans
[OPEN] you say 'i love you'; i say 'you have to fight me first' )

[CLOSED] Sisterly Love II: Meet Me in the (Ball) Pit, Double-'Date' Edition )

((OOC: first scene is open to spectators/challengers, plus if someone wants Yang for any other point in the day for the Lovely Kiss effect that Friday, hit me up! "date night" is closed, but people can also make their own top levels and use those for reasons if they want to. just don't threadjack without asking please~ and hit me up if you have any questions!))
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Who: Rakka ([personal profile] charcoalfeather) and Tobias ([personal profile] wing_attack)
Where: Cherrygrove Town
When: February 19th, Lovely Kiss Weekend
Summary: Rakka and Tobias meet on an unfortunate day
Rating: PG
probably don't kiss )


Feb. 14th, 2016 03:08 pm
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Who: Dio Brando ([personal profile] diosmio) and Peridot ([personal profile] peridork)
Where: In the Rocket Base!
When: Somewhere during Misty Terrain weekend
Summary: Dio and Peridot pick the worst/best time to have a battle
Rating: Probably PG?
Worst. Valentine's. Ever. )
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Who: The participants of the Project L.U.C.Y. event! (And any other characters who just want to read the profiles!)
Where: ONLINE!
When: Sunday, February 14!
Summary: Johto's very own goes live, making dating profiles available for all the lonely Luvdiscs out there!
Rating: PG across the board; please mark threads that go higher!
And I'm gonna play it... )
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Who: Penny Polendina [personal profile] in4apounding, Ruby Rose [personal profile] rosetotheoccasion, Weiss Schnee [personal profile] usedglaciate, and Yang Xiao Long [personal profile] yanginthere
Where: Violet City
When: Sunday 2/7, Evening
and Tuesday 2/9, Afternoon
Summary: A reunion of canonmates and discussion of some terrible things to come.
Rating: PG
Couldn't bear another day without you in it )
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Who: Agent Carolina [personal profile] secondplacing and you!
Where: Goldenrod City
When: Anytime during the month of February
Summary: Basically a catch-all log for Feb. Respond to one of the open prompts or ask me to tailor-make your own starter. Or, go ahead and start a thread with Carolina here!
Rating: PG

Wait that line isn't PG-- )
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Who: Meridiana ([personal profile] occultigen) and YOU!
Where: Goldenrod City
When: Anytime during the month of February!
Summary: What do you get when you cross a Victorian-era seeress with a pack of tarot cards? There's one easy way to find out...
Rating: PG!
So wake me if you're out there... )


Jan. 14th, 2016 04:25 pm
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Who: Neku Sakuraba, Nagi Naoe, various confused pokemon
Where: Somewhere outside Cerulean City
When: Backdated to Psych Up
Summary: Neku is feeling a little weird...
Rating: PG
A little too friendly )
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Who: Chie Hori & YOU! (plus one private prompt)
Where: Goldenrod City
When: January 8-10, depending on the prompt
Summary: Psych Up Friday and some other things happen.
Rating: PG? Potential talk of cannibalism in castmate threads.

Donna, Donna, Donna, Don... )
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