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The Fourth Grail Wars (OPEN FOR FOURTH WALL)

WHO: Saber, Saber, EVERYONE ELSE. Including the possibility of even more Sabers.
WHERE: Lavender City
WHEN: Fourth Wall Weekend!
SUMMARY: What happens when you fuse Carnival Phantasm + Pokemon Stadium? This post.
RATING: PG13 for censored nudity, will add warnings if and when they come up.

[ It's a rather dreary day in Lavender City, but what else is new? The same creepy music continues to play in the background as it always has and the NPCs of the town just continue to stand around with blank looks on their face. Wait a second though... was that a Meowth with a video camera? No, that's not right.

( those are definitely not Meowths!! )

When the PokéGear clicks on, there will be what appears to be a mirror image. [personal profile] One is slightly taller and thinner, while the [personal profile] Other has more noticeable attributes. No matter where you are this weekend, this broadcast will permanently be playing on the PokéGear, as well as any television or radios nearby. Sugoi!! Isn't the power of the Fourth Wall so incredible? ]

Welcome everyone to the first annual Holy Grail War hosted right here in Johto! [ The Saber dressed in a blue Luxray costume announces eagerly, her microphone barely steady in her “paw”. ] Normally this type of event would be hosted by a lesser grail and the designated overseer of the Holy Grail War, but since we are lacking, the two of us have taken up this duty with great honor!

Place the camera squarely on me, staff! [ The cats quickly do as they’re ordered... but they do manage to have the mane of Blue Saber’s attire visible. The Roman Emperor herself is dressed as a Charizard, wings and all. ] Mmm, good! We will both be judge, jury, and participants of this wondrous event! Its name is...

[ Clap clap! There’s a bit of hustle and bustle and a large neon sign hangs over them both and in bold, bright colors says: CARNIVAL PHANTASM! Yes, that is an audience clapping... somewhere. Saber grins and looks to her counterpart, and that’s where the camera features them both again. ]

Hm, Carnival Phantasm? That sort of title is fit for a spin-off more than a grand event. [ Saber murmurs loud enough to be picked up by the camera because the technology here is godly, just look at these two in high def as she brings a “paw” to rub the side of her face. ] And these costumes...

Ah, but let us waste no more time with idle chatter. Saber!
[ Turning to face her fiery twin, she gives a nod. ] Let us show them an example of the games here!

Hold for a moment! [ She throws her arm out in a flourish... then crosses her arms, a displeased look on her face as she regards their current surroundings. ] These dreary settings are not fit for our games to take place. In fact, why are we here in the first place? This is not acceptable. I shall have to take things into my own hands.

[ Then her red longsword appears in her hands and she goes to swing it a few times while letting out a brief, but loud chant. Once she strikes the ground, the whole area blossoms with colors of red and gold and rose petals briefly rain down on them. With a pleased sound, she retracts her sword and lets it disappear before turning to her counterpart. ]

My Domus Aurea shall suffice, yes? [ There’s something in her voice that suggests it’d be... unwise to answering that incorrectly. ]

Um. [ It takes Saber a moment to adjust to the fact that she’s now stuck in an “enemy servant’s” reality marble. Once it passes though, she gives an enthusiastic nod of the head. ] Yes, this will suit us just fine.

Now onto the example!
[ Withdrawing a box out of nowhere with several sticks poking out from a circular hole at the top, she holds it out towards her partner. Because in all honesty, she knows what will happen if she didn’t allow her first pick. ] Please, pick from the lottery our chosen competition!

[ Saber thrusts her hands into the box, and without even stirring it around, she pulls one. Stares at it for a moment. Then she promptly tackles her counterpart to the ground. ]

What is this madness?! [ Twin, why you do this to her? Saber squirms in the arms of the other as she tries to free herself. ] Explain yourself!

We are to wrestle, as the stick dictates! [ Nope. No, you are not gonna get out of her hold. A+ strength for the win, you know. There goes the mane coming off! ] Now will you not participate? I would have my partners to be more spirited than this!

I am certain that there is no such game as ‘wrestle your partner’ in that box! [ Stupid game mechanics, why is her strength only B ranked?! ] Someone must have added their own modifications!

Are you insinuating I would rig our games? That insult demands payment! [ Is that the sound of a zipper coming off. More struggling, too. ] Hrmph. If you would have proof... [ Straddling Arturia right now while she reaches for the stick and shows her exactly what it says: Strip Wrestle. ] I am thoroughly familiar with such a game: we are to strip the other naked to win!

… Strip the other naked … [ Poor Saber seems devastated at the thought as she flails her “paws” about with more energy than before. ] I shall not be defiled in this manner! Off!

Make me! [ There goes the paws. Now she’s trying to tear the Luxray costume off. Wow, that A+ Strength is really helping right now. Have another laugh. ] Hahaha! At this rate, I shall be crowned the victor!

[ There’s no way Saber can settle for that. Once her hands are free of the gloves, she’s quickly going to work on tearing off her twin’s costume as well. After a few tugs and inevitable rips that come with it... the two girls will be entangled in a mess of scraps and thick black bars out of nowhere. ]

Huh, what is this? [ The smaller and much more thinner bar seems to be stuck to the one who previously wore blue, leaving her to poke at it cautiously. ] Some kind of sorcery?

[ Saber looks down at herself. Oh. Oho. She knows what these are, and is thoroughly disappointed at their appearance. Temporarily distracted fromhaving her way with her twin her game, she notices that her bar is a lot bigger and thicker than the other Saber’s. ]

Hah! As if these will stop me! [ She tugs on one corner of the bar, and like ripping off a bandaid, throws it aside... only to have a digital blur replace it. It’s like a huge cloud covering her breasts. She bristles. ] I should have known... the budget the staff have given us did not rate for a higher viewer content. What a bore!

I cannot... I cannot... [ The other Saber is just lost in her pure shock at the scene as her arms quickly cross over to hold her own bar tightly to her. ] We should just... yes, we should allow the games to begin now!

[ After that, the "cats" will disperse off to each section listed in individual threads to record for all to see. You're free to reply with video despite this being in the logs community or participate in any of the nine mini games. The threads don't have to stop there though! Everyone is welcomed to make their own threads with their own games and thread jack galore. It's the Fourth Wall. Play as though it is ❤ ]
friendyousohard: ([Pony form] Say what?)

[personal profile] friendyousohard 2012-11-24 11:17 am (UTC)(link)
[A pony head pops out of one of the holes and looks around in utter confusion.]

How did I... get here?
princelyspirit: (dear christ why)

[personal profile] princelyspirit 2012-11-25 07:16 pm (UTC)(link)
[You know what? Johto's gone crazy. The entire world has gone crazy. Monsters are popping up everywhere, superpowered people are running amok, and everyone's zipping out of their spot on the map and landing in a completely different part of the world. So, when she lands in Lavender City, Utena just rolls with it. Fine, it's a carnival. Let's play along with the stupid carnival.

So, here she is, throwing snakes at a bunch of Digletts. Sure, it's crazy, but no crazier than anything else she's seen over the past day. Plus, hey, she's actually pretty good at this! She grips the Ekans ring and prepares for the next throw, but once she sees a purple pony head pop up, the shot goes wiiiiild. Hopefully...hopefully it doesn't hit anyone else around here...

But, she's not thinking about that! She's thinking about the horse!]

What the-!! Who are you? [And why do you sound so familiar...]
friendyousohard: ([Pony form] This story is full of plot h)

[personal profile] friendyousohard 2012-11-27 07:17 pm (UTC)(link)
Huh? [She notes the giant purple snake flying off into the distance, relieved that it doesn't actually land anywhere near her, before she notices Utena.]

Oh, Utena, hi. It's Twilight... this is my real form.

princelyspirit: (hit by a truck)

[personal profile] princelyspirit 2012-12-02 01:56 am (UTC)(link)
...your real form...

[Her voice sounds a bit weak. Heck, she feels a bit weak. She heard that Twlight wasn't originally human, but she didn't expect anything like this! Then again, she didn't know what to expect, either... She shakes her head, trying to get snap herself out of this daze]

So...this is you. The real, genuine, you. The tiny, horselike...

[and there's a diglett, popping right behind her! Utena jerks, and before she realizes it, she tosses the ring right at its head. Perfect hit thanks reflexes]
enjoymyatelier: most of them don't end up with you face-down in a puddle of blood and mercury... (we all have our bad days.)

[personal profile] enjoymyatelier 2012-11-27 06:01 am (UTC)(link)
[Kayneth was most certainly not having the best Fourth Wall weekend. It was pretty terrible, actually, and there really wasn't much of an opportunity for him to get observation done because he was emotionally compromised. he'd found himself in Lavender City (every time he tried to walk into a bar he ended up somewhere else) and... what was this, exactly? The Fourth...



...well okay, whatever, given that it was just carnival games for some godforsaken reason he'd play along.

So he stops at this particular game and has really just been chucking snakes mechanically whenever he notices something moving. He is barely thinking about anything at all, really-so, it should really come as no surprise that when Twilight's head pops out, he only notices after the Ekans is heading straight towards her.

...well okay great he just threw a snake at a talking purple unicorn who sounds weirdly familiar, things just keep getting better and better.]
friendyousohard: ([Pony form] Oh Celestia why)

[personal profile] friendyousohard 2012-11-27 07:36 pm (UTC)(link)
[Twilight's eyes immediately fall on Kayneth, and she gives him a smile-]

Oh, hello Sir El-Melloi-

[Until the Ekans lands around her neck. She gives it one look...

And then abruptly leaps into the air (breaking the area around the hole in the process), shrieking.


[There is now a panicking unicorn galloping straight towards you, Kayneth. What do?}
enjoymyatelier: zach. they're here. (migrane's a comin.)

[personal profile] enjoymyatelier 2012-11-28 01:28 am (UTC)(link)



this is stupid how does that unicorn even know him-



...really, I can't believe this...

[...he'll just rub his temple and cast a quick suggestion spell on that Ekans to cause it to let go of its tail and drop off to the side in a daze. Well, if nothing else, it's convenient to have his magic back... of course, that may not solve the problem if the unicorn is too panicked to notice that the snake's gone, but he's already moving out of her path to avoid any sort of collisions.]
friendyousohard: ([Pony form] Say what?)

[personal profile] friendyousohard 2012-11-28 03:14 am (UTC)(link)
[It takes her a moment to realize that the snake has let go of her, by which point she's galloped past him (swerving to avoid him) turned, stared at the Ekans for a moment, and then jumped behind him as if for protection.

It takes a couple moments for her to compose herself, and when she finally realizes what she just did, she drops her head and flushes deeply, quite ashamed.

Ah... s-sorry about that, I just... a little bit of a phobia. I'm not... I mean... I'm usually better controlled than this.

[She gulps, steadying herself, then takes a couple steps backwards.]

So... do you recognize me?
enjoymyatelier: the fuck is that. (404 atelier not found)

[personal profile] enjoymyatelier 2012-11-28 04:43 am (UTC)(link)
No, I understand perfectly well. I was careless, and that was a-

[ that he's taking a better look at her

jesus christ]

...Oh. Twilight Sparkle.

[he doesn't even know how to handle this]